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We are a family owned business with our young children and employees becoming an extended-family.  Birds of Africa is founded in 1980, in Knysna - South Africa.  We are the 4th owners since Birds of Africa inception and some of our employees have been invloved with all the managing hands.

Over the years, our handcrafted wooden birds have become sought after as collectors' items both locally and internationally.

Consistent with our commitment to the conservation of the environment, the wood sourced to create our handcrafted wooden birds is from locally 'manmade' forests. Wood is sourced, via local wood merchants, after sale by forestry auction when trees have naturally fallen in our forests.  In this way we contribute to the conservation of our indigenous forests.

During the years that we have had Birds of Africa, we have ourselves become more interested in birds and met up with wonderful people who love birds and/or nature in general.  In order to extend this appreciation of birds and birding we have re-branded Birds of Africa as a business that provides an extensive range of collections that embrace birds and birding, allowing for more individuals to 'celebrate the song' of our feathered friends.

At the end of 2014 we moved with Birds of Africa to Mtunzini, Kwa-Zulu Natal.  It has been interesting watching the birdlife here and how it varies.  We would like to introduce some of the birds to our range and introduce Birds of Africa to tourism in this area as well as possibly the neighbouring coutries of Swaziland, Lesotho and Mozambique.  We maintain a base in Knysna, the home of Birds of Africa.

In our collections we strive to keep the 'South African-made' tradition.  Our handcrafting skills have extended to include candle-making, painting, sewing and other artistry.  When we source product, we do so from South African produced merchandise like books, fabric, and clothing.  We thus pride ourselves in bringing you a 'South African' product that is 'home-grown' with love from South Africa.



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Birds of Africa
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